Therapist Spotlight: Christine Webster, AMFT

CCRC is proud to periodically spotlight one of our staff therapists so as to give you a chance to get to know their unique qualities and interests.  Today's spotlight is on Christine Webster, AMFT.


1. Why do you believe therapy is effective?

I believe that therapy is effective because I believe that people are naturally oriented to heal. But sometimes life can get in the way of that; whether it be stress, trauma, relational issues or your own coping mechanisms. As a therapist, I see part of my role as helping people identify these blocks and remove them so the natural drive for healing can come to the forefront. 

2. What is a relevant quote to your work? 

“Two truths approach each other. One comes from inside, the other from outside, and where they meet we have a chance to catch sight of ourselves.” -Tomas Transformer

I love this quote because it embodies the importance of the therapeutic relationship. I believe therapy should be collaborative, from start to a mutually agreed upon end. Our clients are experts on their own lives and experiences, while therapists have the training (and passion) to utilize our clients experiences for positive change and healing. We can try to be the outside truth that allows our clients to catch sight of themselves. 

3. Do you have a specific focus or interest in your clinical work?

I work with a wide range of issues impacting individuals and couples. I have ample experience in working with couples affected by infidelity or struggling with high levels of conflict in their relationships.  I also enjoy working with individuals who want to focus on forming or strengthening their relationships with others. 

4. If you were not a therapist, what would be your occupation?

I would have loved to work with books in some way. Either in publishing, as an editor or even as a librarian. I’ve had a lifelong love of books and it would be amazing to get to be surrounded by them on a daily basis.


Christine currently sees clients at our South Loop location.  

She can be reached by phone at 478-972-2477.