Hope From a Black Hole

black hole.png

Hope From a Black Hole

Scientists around the world recently collaborated to capture the first images of a black hole. This is monumental. Until this point there has been no visual evidence of black holes; there has only been atmospheric, or electromagnetic evidence. It was easy for some to push the evidence aside and say that black holes are just theoretical, that Einstein just came up with the idea a long time ago but has never been proven correct.

But now we have proof. The swirling void exists.

I’ve often used the metaphor of the black hole for myself. The imagery of the Black Hole is poetic and profound. It stands well for our mortality, or the strength of depression, or oppression, or any intense emotional experience. These experiences are real and should not be avoided in our emotional lives, and now we know it’s real in the universe as well.

The planet came together to get the images; the worldwide collaboration known as the Event Horizon Telescope brought together astronomers and physicists from around the world. There is hope in this. Even as we all struggle with our day-to-day views here in America, even as we are lead by a president who doesn’t want us to collaborate with other countries, or wants us to actively keep out immigrants, this global community of scientists was able to achieve something monumental. They were able to look past their views of one another and focus their attention on the universe surrounding us all. Collectively, we can achieve so much, and this is proof of that. People can work together in peace to great ends, and therein lies Hope.

If these scientists can do it, can’t we all strive to understand each other and see the value in the differences we all bring to the world?