Introducing NCRC's newest service! Amity Chicago: Business Relationship Counseling

Relationships are hard. All relationships. Whether between spouses, partners, friends, siblings, parents and children, and even between business partners. In fact, did you know that co founder conflict is the #1 reason businesses fail? 

Couples go to couple therapy. Families go to family therapy. And now, coworkers finally have a destination for their own relational therapy needs. NCRC is proud to introduce our newest partner and service: Amity Chicago!

Co-founded by NCRC associates Shira Galston and Myra Castaneda, Amity Chicago is a new and innovative relational counseling service geared specifically towards business partners, co founders, co workers, and company teams. 

Shira and Myra are very excited to bring this service to the Chicago business and startup scene. They plan on bringing their therapeutic expertise and skills into a world that is mostly unfamiliar with this type of service, even though it is sorely needed. Many co founders and coworkers face similar issues to any other couple, such as communication difficulties, conflict, lack of trust and transparency, and burnout. Generally, they either ignore the issue until it destroys the company, or they seek help from others trained in business management consulting, rather than someone with specific training in relational therapy. Amity Chicago hopes to fill this gap, and provide sorely needed counseling and workshops for these teams. 

Check out their new website,, for more information, and feel free to let your friends and associates know about this great new service!