Therapist Spotlight: Matthew Bell

CCRC is proud to periodically spotlight one of our staff therapists so as to give you a chance to get to know their unique qualities and interests.  Today's spotlight is on Matthew Bell, MFT.


1. Do you have a certain therapeutic style, method, or model of therapy that you generally use?

I primarily utilize a mixture of Solution-Focused and Narrative therapy. My style, however, has continued to grow and develop over time as I have continued to be curious and open to unique individuals and stories I have had the pleasure to experience.

2. Why did you decide to become a therapist?

As the youngest of a twelve-child family, I have always been an observant person. I have always wondered how my impact could be perceived or furthered through my work and commitment to societal growth. I believe that individuals willing to value change on a small scale can lead to systemic empowerment.

3. If you were not a therapist, what would be your occupation? 

If I was not a therapist, I would be furthering my commitment to and involvement with sports. I played college football and have continued to either coach or train individuals with the goal in mind of furthering their abilities in the sport.

Matthew currently sees clients at our Northside & South Loop locations.  He can be reached by phone at  312-523-9567, and by email at